Pedigree Tree

The pedigrees of our mares goes all back to the Holsteiner Stallion 8116, master mare is Alberne 3281 by Malteser l. The line founder probably is the St.Pr.St. Palmröschen by Perfect I (by Perser xx) from the Vineta by Vasall (by Valentino xx). She had four daughters by Eiger I, among other things the black mare  Erle, is one of these. She is the dam of our St.Pr.St. Dorle  (by De Niro). Erle also is the dam of Willow Creek (by Warkant), approved in England as well as a further son by Warkant, who is trained up to the heavy class, named Winning Point.


A full sister of Erle was St.Pr.St. Erina. She brought with Warkant the approved stallion Wallstreet Kid (USA) and his full sister Windsor Queen, who for its part placed in Will Be (by Wittinger) and the winner of liscensing and Federal Champion Londonderry (by Lauries Crusador xx) , two approved sons promoted to S-dressage, from which latter expressed appreciation as sire in the “Celler Landgestüt”.


A further daughter of Warkant from the St.Pr.St. Erina is the black mare Warnette, which its inheritance qualities among other things with the two daughters to S-Dressage placed Diadora (by Dionysos) and Wienett  (by Worldly) as well the Hanoverian premium stallion Londondance (by Lauries Crusador xx) has provided evidence under. St.Pr.St. Erina is over her daughter Windröschen (by Weltmeyer) likewise grandmother of the approved and up to S-Class trained stallion Don Ricoss (Don Frederico) which was stadioned on the stud W.M. in Reessum.


The St.Pr.St. Dorle (De Niro) had up to now altogether seven foals by Sandro Hit, San Amour, Sir Donnerhall, Bretton Woods and Vivaldi. Her oldest son Sonnenstein (Sandro Hit), born 2008 are sold to Sweden and there he is as hopeful and highly talented dressage horse professionally trained. All further foals are sold, except however its daughter Soraya (by Sandro Hit) born in 2009. She received at three years of age the state premium (St.Pr.St.) and completed with success the mare performance evaluation. Soraya is in our barn and already with her first foal Dornröschen (by Don Schufro/Sandro Hit/) their positive inheritance qualities proved. Dornröschen (by Don Schufro/Sandro Hit /De Niro), born 2013, are likewise intended for our own breed.

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